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About Smokey Creative
Smokey Creative represents the combined artistic talents of a husband and wife partnership – aimed at producing modern, striking acrylic portraits that truly capture the character of their subjects. All paintings are drawn and painted by hand – there is no automated computer manipulation.
Signed Art
Some of Smokey Creative’s original canvases have been signed by the actors who portray the characters featured. The list of signatories includes:
   - Elijah Wood (Frodo) – Lord of the Rings - Sean Astin (Sam) – Lord of the Rings
   - Kristanna Loken (T3) – Terminator 3      - Anthony Head (Giles) – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
   - Peter Weller (Robocop) – Robocop        - Adrian and Neil (the Vampire Twins) – Matrix Reloaded
   - Michael Dorn (Worf) – Star Trek            - Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) – Star Wars
See “Signed Art” section to see actors with their respective paintings. Smokey Creative does not charge a premium for any signed painting.
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Contact Info
Telephone: 07790 296 737

We exhibit 4 times a year – twice in London, at the London Film and Comic Convention and twice a year in Milton Keynes at Collectormania.

Limited Edition Prints
For each of our paintings we produce 100 prints in A3 format (roughly 30x40cm) on quality paper. The prints are strictly limited to 100 to ensure they remain collectable and rare. Eeach print is an exact replica of the original hand-painted canvas.